What To Do To Make Your Published Book Sell And Make Lots of Money For You



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This academy of 25 master trainers will expose you to badass, practical, and result-oriented strategies, ideas, and tips that will help you market your published book so that you can make lots of money from it. Contained in the session are what you need to know to master the art of marketing and sell out your books!

Book Marketing
Community Building

What you will learn

How To Design Your Book To Make It Appealing So That The Buyer Will Immediately Say, “Yes, That’s What I Want

How To Design Your Book Covers So That Your Buyers Are Attracted To It To Buy

How To Plan and Market Your Books

Mastering The Selling Game

How To Seduce People with Compelling Copywriting

Personal Branding For Authors

Tips To Become An Amazon Bestseller

Sell Your Book Using The Watermelon Technique

How To Sell Poetry

Facebook Ads For Book Marketing

Make N1 Million Every Month From A Single Book

Livestreaming Your Way To Riches & Fame As An Author

Using The Skill Of Public Speaking To Sell Your Books And Make Money

How To Ride On Trends And Tribal Leadership To Sell Your Book

The N1000 eBook: Roadmap To Your First Million In 60 Days

What you will learn

Section 1: Mess Your Design, Damage Your Book

1 Lectures

Section 2: Book Planning & Marketing

1 Lectures

Section 3: Riding On Trends & Tribal Leadership

2 Lectures

Section 4: How To Seduce People Using Compelling Copywriting

1 Lectures

Section 5: How To Sell 3000 copies Of Your Fictional Book

1 Lectures

Section 6: Leveraging On Distribution Outlets To Sell Thousands Of Your Books

1 Lectures


Emeka Nobis

Want to go from being that unknown person to the influential person that people adore, respect, and love to buy from?

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